Be Kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Today’s technology can be used for the greater good—and for bad. We have all seen examples of social media that has been used to humiliate others and gets shared. Cell phone photos and videos can be used to devastate lives. Snap chat posts can humiliate and then vanish, causing lastly damage but without traceability to the abuser.

Abusers can cyberbully while hiding behind an alias identity. Tools can be used to disguise IP addresses and phone numbers.

"Revenge porn" video can be made without the victims knowledge or consent- perpetrators often drug their victims, and then commit sex acts and assaults - and then use those videos to blackmail, control, and further abuse their victims.

Abusers of all kinds—emotional, sexual, and physical—now share tips and information with each other over the dark web to ensnare more victims. They even share tips on how to make murder look like an accident or suicide.

We at Kindness Daily believe this abuse has reached epic--and largely unnoticed--proportions, affecting both girls and boys, from ALL backgrounds. No one is immune. 

Celebrity culture, body-shaming, sexual pressures, and social media make todays youth much more vulnerable to feelings of unworthiness and low self esteem than generations before. Technology can mean a brief embarrassment can last forever on the internet.

Cyber abuse may be hard for victims and family members to even recognize because it’s often not visible. And even when victims realize the abuse, they are often too embarrassed to speak out.

Emotional abuse causes lifelong scars, especially for people in their middle and teen years whose brains are still developing. Abuse can lead to chronic anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, sexual exploitation, physical abuse, and suicide.

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Kendall could be your daughter. Anyone's daughter. No family is immune.

Kendall DeWall was a beautiful, caring young woman whose initials, “KD” inspired Kindness Daily.

Kendall was kindness personified. She was always there to help others with emotional support, acts of service, financial help, her time—whatever anyone needed, Kendall would provide. She volunteered at numerous organizations and studied to become a doctor. She was the spark in every room and beloved by hundreds of friends and a devoted inner circle. She died on March 19, 2019, and Kindness Daily is the legacy her friends and family carry forward in her honor to help others girls not fall prey to abusers.